Grand Valley Muscular Therapy


At over 50 years of age, I have some persisting sports injuries from my younger days, and nowadays, these injuries prevent me from maintaining a routine exercise program. Deep tissue massages from Grand Valley Muscular Therapy not only revitalize me, they work my muscles into shape without the impact of rigorous exercising, which aggravates those old injuries. So, a one hour massage session makes me feel great, and my muscles get a work out.

- Don L.

After three years of pain, limited mobility, numerous doctors, physical therapy, acupuncture, and back surgery, the name of Pat Hughes kept popping up. The pain relief and motion range I experienced after a single session of Rolfing® with Pat Hughes was more than all the physicians and therapists combined in the previous three years. No exaggeration! Regular Rolfing® sessions allowed me to return to a normal, active routine.

- Pam T

I have been a client of Leslie’s and Pat’s for more than 6 years. They provide highly professional services, in part, because of the numerous trainings they attend, world wide.

I first sought massage when I injured my back shortly after my daughter was born. I learned that massage is a vital part of leading a healthy lifestyle. For those of us who live busy lives, we aren’t always able to take care of ourselves in the way we’d like . . . . and massage keeps our muscles flexible, our blood flowing, and eliminates routine soreness, aches, and pains.

The massage I receive tri-weekly has made a big difference in how I feel each day and provides me with more energy. I am sure I will be a “lifer” . . . it’s hard to stop, once you’ve noticed how good you feel and the increased energy you have.

We’re very lucky to have Leslie and Pat in the Valley.

- Patty C.

I was introduced to massage therapy about five years ago via a gift certificate to Grand Valley Muscular Therapy from a friend. One session was all it took and I’ve been getting a therapeutic massage once a month ever since.

Beyond just feeling good, the benefits of a good massage helps me relax, it reduces tension and stress and it gives me a special indulgence to look forward to each month. After a massage I feel like I’ve just had a complete workout and I feel rejuvenated with more energy and better attitude.

If I have a particular ache or sore muscle, Leslie gives that area special attention and I soon feel better. Leslie has also helped me to attain better posture and how to avoid soreness through simple stretching exercises. All in all, I find a massage session to be relaxing yet energizing experience and highly recommend it.

- Bob C.