Grand Valley Muscular Therapy

Grand Valley Muscular Therapy

2768 Compass Dr, Suite 101
Grand Junction, Colorado 81506
Office Hours: Mon–Fri, 8am–6pm

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Directions to Grand Valley Muscular Therapy:

Travel towards the airport on Horizon Drive, turn left at Crossroads Boulevard - this will be the last stop light before getting to the airport, continue on Crossroads Boulevard to Crossroads Court - this is a short street which will be an immediate right turn just as you pass the Colorado West Insurance building.

Crossroads Court will take you into the rear parking area for Crossroads Fitness Center -you will see a tall metal telephone tower.

Park anywhere in this parking lot, look for the green awning with double glass doors, inside the double glass doors you will go down a hallway - just at the end of that hallway turn left, walk towards the Crossroads business office, you will see a door to the right that will open into a hallway, follow signs posted in the hallway to Grand Valley Muscular Therapy arrive at our office Suite 101.

Grand Valley Muscular Therapy